Jay Anthony Settles Car Accident Case for Policy Limits


On a night in December of 2019, a client was traveling on Interstate 385 in the Upstate of South Carolina.  As faster traffic was behind her, she shifted into the right lane.  She realized – too late – that a car ahead of her was traveling at only 40 miles per hour, below the minimum speed limit, and without hazard lights.  Unable to stop, she slammed into the rear of the vehicle ahead, resulting in injuries.

Jay made a claim for the client, but negotiations stalled out when the insurer communicated a top offer of just over $11,000.  The insurance adjuster insisted that the client was 50% at-fault.  Jay immediately filed suit and – 17 days later – the insurer agreed to pay the policy limits of $25,000, more than double their previous take-it-or-leave-it offer.

“I was glad to reach a fair resolution,” said Jay.  “The idea that my client had any fault here made no sense.  This is another example of the importance of having a lawyer who is willing to file a lawsuit in order to achieve a fair result for the client, rather than those who are simply in the business of settling cases.”