Product Defect

When a person is injured or property is damaged by a defective product, there may be a claim against the manufacturer or seller. These cases are almost always complex and frequently blend science with law.

The nuts, bolts and hyperbolic pins

An attorney must know how to engage experts, seek and obtain evidence, review numerous documents, conduct testing, and prepare a case for trial.

Jay has extensive experience in handling product defect matters, including a recent defect action against General Motors.

Interesting facts about faulty design

  1. Hiring an expert witness is a must in a product defect case, and knowing which expert to hire is essential.
  2. For claims of defective design, you must show that there was a “reasonable alternative design” the company could have used.
  3. There are a number of different theories to a product defect case – defective design, manufacture defect, or failure to warn of the defect.
  4. It is sometimes difficult to figure out the proper defendants – look at manufacturers, suppliers, and also check for mergers, bankruptcies, and other issues.
  5. The defective part is your most important piece of evidence – make sure you safeguard it. You don’t want to give the other side the chance to say it’s been altered.
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