The Complexities of a Car Accident Case

Image by Queven from Pixabay

Each year, many lawsuits in the South Carolina court system stem from car accident cases.  Yet the types of car accident cases – and their complexity – vary greatly.  Our firm has handled many such cases over the years, from those involving only minor injuries to incidents involving serious injuries and even death.  How a car accident case is handled depends on the facts and circumstances.

Yet even though there are many differences from case to case, some of the basic points remain the same.  We pride ourselves on the work that we put into each case and we typically photograph the scene, talk to the investigating officer, obtain 911 audio, speak with witnesses, obtain cell phone records, look for surveillance video, request the officer’s file and photographs, and do other investigation to ensure that we have all of the available evidence.  Not all law firms handle cases this way and you should be aware that when a lawyer promises to get you a settlement “fast” – that may involve taking some shortcuts on things that can dramatically affect your case.

We also recognize that it is very important to understand what insurance coverage is available to pay your damages.  The amount of the coverage often has a significant impact on the case.  Consequently, we typically obtain all insurance information on the other driver’s policy as soon as possible, using the South Carolina statutory request.  We also examine your own policy for additional coverage, such as underinsured motorist coverage, and go through the Department of Insurance to bring this coverage into play.

If it is necessary to file a lawsuit, we utilize the full range of discovery techniques, from written discovery, to subpoenas, to depositions.

Depending on the case, it is sometimes necessary to engage experts or to perform a reconstruction of the incident.  Our firm has worked with experts in many cases to access the “black box” on the defendant’s vehicle, to perform testing to prove a product defect, and to reconstruct the scene.  Additionally, in cases in which our client is seriously injured, we often work with experts to perform more complex calculations of lost wages, future medical expenses, and life care plans.

Every case truly is different, and you should make it a priority to hire a law firm that understands that.