Jay Anthony Resolves Construction Case for $1.8 million

After multiple years of litigation, Jay Anthony resolved related construction defect cases for a total settlement of $1.8 million.  The litigation involved five Brownstones units on the West End of Greenville which were constructed around 2008.  Following construction, the owners began seeing evidence of water intrusion and other problems, including settlement of the front stoops, cracking in brick and stucco, and movement of stonework.

After filing suit, Jay engaged in extensive discovery, review of thousands of documents, and depositions of experts and parties.  He also arranged for and participated in destructive testing of the units, which revealed extensive damage and additional defects, and worked with a construction experts to prepare a detailed report and scope of repair.  Jay then worked with other groups to prepare estimates to establish damages.

The parties engaged in an initial mediation, which was unsuccessful.  After additional discovery, the parties engaged in a second round of mediation which, after extended negotiations, resulted in an overall resolution.  As part of the second mediation, Jay prepared a mediation website, demands to the various parties, and an animation of the units, to detail the full scope of the defective work.


“This resolution was a long time coming for these homeowners,” said Jay.  “I was fortunate to have patient, determined clients and good experts to assist in evaluating such a vast project.”