Anthony Law Settles Residential Construction case for $186,000

In March of 2017, homeowners in the Chanticleer subdivision in Greenville signed a contract with a contractor to perform construction to add a significant addition onto the back of the home, as well as to do various interior and landscaping work.  Work commenced, but issues soon arose.  The contractor vastly exceeded the budget and the owners began noticing various problems with the work being performed.  The owners reached out to Jay Anthony who visited the home, then arranged for an expert to perform an investigation and destructive testing.  This work revealed numerous, significant construction defects including improperly-installed windows, waterproofing failures below the patio, structure issues, and defects in the construction of the crawlspace, which led to mold growth.  Additionally, the homeowners were surprised to discovery that errors in the framing of the addition had led the general contractor to substitute an alternate flooring material in an unsuccessful attempt to level the addition floor with that in the main home.

After negotiations were unsuccessful, Jay filed suit on behalf of his clients.  After further inspection, discovery, and depositions, the case was resolved at mediation.  The total amount of the settlement was $186,000.  With the settlement funds, the homeowners will now be able to make the repairs to achieve the goal they started towards back in 2017.